Bala was known for his witty remarks, sarcasm and  candid  and critical comments. Some of these have become quotable quotes and points to ponder.

 Here are some of his pithy sayings, garnered from his speeches, media interviews and private conversations.

  I believe that anyone who seeks to claim mandate must suffer immense insecurity, for if anyone should be secure, he should have no cause to rest on a mandate to justify his actions or existence.

  I would wish to believe that when one talks of training one talks of widening the horizons of those subjected to that training, which should include trainer and trainee. The business of widening horizons cannot be achieved successfully within the narrow confines or circles of geography, culture or politics.

  Training can indeed be a liability if it is haphazardly conducted and if training positions are used as a place to dump incompetent and troublesome employees. The old saying that "Those who can do and those who can't,  teach" is not consistent with the value I place on education and training which are  specialised education. A good teacher is a multiplier of his virtues; a bad one, a multiplier of his faults.

  Ignoring the reality of responsibility of training will be at your own peril, without in any way wishing to be or sound like, a prophet of doom.

We have the right to be informed and the right to inform. Nobody can take that away from us.

There aren't nearly enough crutches in the world for all the lame excuses.

Classroom lessons build your knowledge and carve your careers and no more. But life's lessons can only come from experience.

  The worst of crimes in Tamil broadcasting is the murder of the Tamil language!

As responsible broadcasters, we should not interpret "popular demand" as "trash" or what appeals to the listeners as lesser desires but what appeals to them as life's lessons and as joyful shifts into a better world where they can find answers to their problems.

By all means deliver what the public demands, but always in a value package.

Announcing need not be dramatic but has to be professional and dignified.

Don't blame anyone for shortcomings in your endeavours. The fault must be with you and you must examine that first.

        Don't have expectations, you will not be disappointed.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Begin with clean hands.

One who is elegant in her ways, simple in her dressing, does not complain about others or lend her ears to gossip, believes in family values and stands by her husband at all times, is a desirable wife.

  Have the courage to change what you can, but accept what you can't, for life runs its own course to bring about justice.

  A well-lived life is one with no regrets and one that has earned a name that lives after you.

Remember food is to be relished but when shared it tastes better.

See the good in people and develop your friendship on those qualities. It is not on your premise to identify their faults or shortcomings.